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Past Exhibits

Siona Benjamin: Blue like Me
Indian-born, New York-based artist Siona Benjamin creates a unique visual language that presents her transcultural, transnational view of the world.

Biomythography: Currency Exchange
The Currency Series investigates multiple forms of currency, in particular, cultural currency and the ways in which they are encoded and decoded in our contemporary culture, juxtaposing works by artists from Los Angeles and Costa Rica.

The Tract Project
Focusing on the power of paper pamphlets, leaflets, and tracts, this exhibit features free tracts visitors can take home for themselves.

Art in a Time of Reformation: Works from the Rodolfo Sanzana Collection
To coincide with the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, works mostly from the mid-16th century are featured.

Decorative Art: Works from the William Rolland Collection
Featuring works from the William Rolland Collection, this exhibit focuses on 19th century decorative art.

Plastic Oceans: A Sad Reality
A mini exhibition curated by students, Plastic Oceans: A Sad Reality will be on display in the William Rolland Gallery alcove.

Shenanigans: Senior Art Exhibit 2017
This eclectic group of seniors at California Lutheran University has curated an exhibition that challenges the mind, reflects reality, and inspires imagination.

Christof Mascher: five leaves left
Exhibit featuring the watercolor works of Christof Mascher.

Et in Arcadia Ego
Exhibit centered around Nicolas Poussins painting of the same name, exploring the myth of Arcadia.

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