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Transformations: Senior Art Exhibit 2022

This year’s graduating art majors seek to explore these diverse manifestations through their work.… Read More

Past Exhibits

Common Ground: Artists Reimagining Community
The interconnectedness of the art world is revealed through a web of artists inviting other artists to participate in this varied media exhibition

The Otherworld
Following the Visionary Art Movement, works encompass psychedelic explorations of the Californian hippy movement, science fiction and fantasy, and visions born of the contemporary spiritual imagination

In-Person: Escapism Senior Art Exhibit 2021
On view in person: October 12, 2021– November 4, 2021 Artists’ Reception: October 23, 2021, 4:00-5:30 pm Escapism is defined as, “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” This exhibit embodies the realities that these artists explored during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the daily and constant reminder of their new life under Covid, our students sought outlets to escape their isolation. Through their paintings, drawings, and sculptures, these seniors have used art to combat circumstances beyond their control, setting their minds free through their creativity and imagination. Virtual exhibit can be found here. Jiarong Bi focuses on painting and sketching and is from Oak Park, California. She takes inspiration from music, film, and Expressionism. Lauren Graf is a mixed media artist from Carpinteria who draws her inspiration from vintage aesthetics and Art Nouveau illustrations. Though her art, she seeks out a more beautiful reality with a fantastical twist. Combining elements of beauty and horror, Nicholas Hayes from Los Angeles gathers inspiration from sci fi and fantasy to create sculptural pieces that seek to exploit the aesthetic pleasure of the uncanny. Born and raised in Hawaii, mixed media artist Nicole Ishii looks ...

Passionate Perspectives: In Person Senior Art Exhibit 2021
On view August 31, 2021– September 30, 2021 Opening Reception: September 10, 2021, 4:30-6:30 pm   Cal Lutheran presents Passionate Perspectives, a collection of artwork from the Art Department’s senior class of 2020. In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly interrupted campus life, including plans for the graduating class’ presentation. While virtual exhibits were created, they are no substitution for seeing the work in person. Some works have been edited since their creation at Cal Lutheran, and others are completely new. Despite alumni moving away or abroad, being admitted to graduate programs, or starting careers, these young artists have returned to campus to mount the show that was intended for them a full year ago. This exhibit explores the artists’ passion for environmental, political, cultural, or emotional subject matter. Each artist contributes a unique perspective through the lens of life experiences and views of current events through traditional and digital media. Artists include Karlie Anderson, Kori Hess, Bailey Huerta, Dani Iribe, Sebastian Montoya Vega, Thor Nualsumlee, Kaylee Reel, Mona Saii, Natalie Tseng, and Jessi van der Laan. The virtual exhibits are available here. Karlie Anderson is a representational oil painter who creates confrontational compositions to explore societal injustices. Kori Hess seeks ...

The Janet Dibble Art Competition 2021
The winners of the 2021 Janet Dibble Art Competition have been announced. Jasmine A. O’Campo won first prize with her oil painting, “My Treasure.” Zuri Kawooya won second prize and the Dean’s Choice Award for her digital painting, “Studying,” and Lauren Graf won third prize for her mixed media artwork, “Killer Serve.” View all the artworks submitted here. This competition was hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences and the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art and was sponsored by The Janet Dibble Revocable Trust.

Robin Holder: On Labor and Youth
This exhibit begins with labor, becomes steeped in childhood experiences, and ends with a combination of the two.

In Memoriam: William Rolland
Thank you Bill, for your generosity and guidance

Thinh Nguyen: REORIENT
Divided into three sections, Gendering, De-Centering, and Pandemic, this exhibit responds to our collective cultural moment.

Passionate Perspectives (Virtual Exhibit)
Artwork in a variety of media from the Art Department's Senior Class

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