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Multiple Ones: Contemporary Perspectives in Printmedia

On view Aug. 22–Oct. 23, 2019. In this exhibit, 20 contemporary printmaking artists redefine the genre with astonishing pieces and immersive installations.… Read More

Upcoming Exhibits

Lucca Drake Aparicio

Lucca Drake Aparicio Memorial Exhibit

On view Oct. 26-Nov. 2, 2019. Lucca Drake Aparicio was a local student and astonishingly prolific young artist who passed away this year… Read More

Nic Lim Wizard of Oz Redesign Key Scene

Key Frames: A Celebration of Animation & Production Art

On view Nov. 8, 2019 – Jan. 9, 2020. Celebrating the many artists of animated productions, this exhibit allows visitors to take a walk through the entire production process, from the earliest… Read More

Past Exhibits

Explore the Eternal Kiln Fire Legend: Chinese Jun Porcelain
On view May 31 through August 1, 2019 Jun porcelain, one of the Five Great Kilns of the Song Dynasty, is considered a treasure of Chinese ceramic art. Known for its astonishing glazes, it first appeared in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and prevailed in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Its origins are mysterious, since there are no known writings about the wares until 1504, though a line of pieces were produced exclusively for the palace court and show up in Imperial paintings. According to legend, every year Emperor Huizong selected only 36 treasures from the imperial kilns as royal articles, with all others destroyed and immediately buried. Despite being highly valued, the porcelain fell out of use and its methods were seemingly lost. In the 1950s there was an extensive movement to rekindle Jun wares; major studies and excavations of kiln sites took place. Eventually, experts in Yuzhou City were able to resume production of the prized wares using a double-fire-barrier-bed kiln and wood firing techniques. Today, craftsmen still adhere to the traditional production and strict examination standards. All pieces considered to have any “imperfections” are destroyed on site to ensure only the highest quality carries the title, which also leads ...

The Last Breath: Art of Qiang Zhang
Chinese artist Qiang Zhang uses our understanding of, and sympathy for, animals to express what non-visible, internal struggles for humans can look and feel like.

Pathos Along a Contemporary Frontier: Border Paintings by Rigoberto Alonso Gonzalez 
Provocative and disturbing paintings of life and violence in the Rio Grande Valley. They encourage the viewer to reorient their sense of the cultural center and reimagine implications from the perspective of those living along the US/Mexico border.

Natural Conditions
On view April 26–May 18, 2019 Opening Reception: Saturday, April 27, 5-7 pm Student Walk Through: Friday, May 3, 2 pm Natural Conditions investigates the perceived world–whether emotional, physical, psychological or imaginative. Each artist contributes their unique perspective of the environment around them through various media, both traditional and digital. Cal Lutheran presents a compilation of student work from the Art Department of the graduating class of 2019, including artists Quinn Rosenblatt, Donaldo Lopez, Breann Carlucci, Johannah Peterson, Hallie Maxwell, and Michelle Handal. Quinn Rosenblatt is an abstract 2D artist from Westlake Village, CA. She uses color and texture to express emotions such as passion, love, fear, and gratitude. Donaldo Lopez, a printmaker and poet from Santa Maria, CA, voices his emotional exploration of nature through the use of depictions of allegorical animals. Breann Carlucci, from Santa Clarita, CA, is an artist exploring Surrealism through the mediums of graphite and oil painting. She constructs a world of a divergent reality that engages the viewer in a unique experience–creating a higher sense of consciousness. The figure and muscular structure are always present in Johannah Peterson’s work. Originally from Monrovia, CA, she developed into a figurative artist who creates realistic renderings of ...

Traces: Revealing Secrets in Art and History
This exhibit offers a behind-the-scenes look at the procedures and techniques art "detectives" use to investigate what secrets artworks hold

Mapping Meaning: Adventures in Cartography
This exhibit presents a variety of beautiful maps and ways of reading them, combined with objects from the times they were created, dating from the 16th century to today

In Situ: Works from the William Rolland Collection
In this exhibit, we reimagine the William Rolland Collection through the lens of placing its objects in space and time.

From digital to traditional media, Cal Lutheran presents a compilation of student work from the Art Department's graduating class of 2018.

Siona Benjamin: Blue like Me
Indian-born, New York-based artist Siona Benjamin creates a unique visual language that presents her transcultural, transnational view of the world.

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